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Why Post 200 Legionnaires Should Choose Connecticut Post 210

Having just chartered in 2018, why should veterans choose to join the American Legion New Haven Post 210 in Connecticut?

By Charles M. Pickett

We don’t have a building. We don’t have a bar. We’re one of the smallest American Legion posts in Connecticut.

However, 75% of our members are Post-9/11 veterans. Four of our five post officers are female and are either in college or have a masters degree. What we lack in property we exceed in potential. We are diverse, we are different, and we are what the current US military looks like.

  1. We are growing, rapidly.
  2. Our dues are $32.00 vs $45.00 for Post 200.
  3. Post members get vital and local emails about veteran-focused events, discounts, and services. Post 200 just gets the national magazine.
  4. Social events typically every-other month with meetings every month.
  5. Community involvement including the Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies and marching in the Greater New Haven St. Patrick’s Day Parade in March (we won the best Senior Military Unit in 2019).
  6. Twice-annual war memorial beautifications.
  7. Pre-Memorial Day Unserviceable Flag Collections.
  8. Donate to veteran-focused organizations.
  9. Co-Organize the annual New Haven Kick for Nick Night, a Connecticut-based, Gold Star family foundation that honors the dream of a fallen Soldier by collecting and distributing soccer balls to underprivileged children worldwide.
  10. We’re figuring all this American Legion stuff out and having fun while doing it.

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